My favorite book

To begin with I have to admit that I'm fond of reading. I have been doing regular reading since my childhood. I like to read books about the real love and about horrible things. Literature means so much in my life, it helps to form the character and the world outlook, to understand life better. Books teach us to be honest, modest and courageous. They help us to feel compassion for weak people. Thierry Cohen has become my favorite writer after reading his first book. First of all I have got interested in Thierry Cohen as a personality. He is a French writer. One of his greatest book is "I would choose life". 
It's about 20 year old guy. Whose name is Jeremy, who loves a girl from his childhood. In his birthday he decides to tell her about his feelings, but a girl was so rude with him. Jeremy goes home home and decides to commit a suicide. He drinks a whisky with a lot of tablets. 
He wakes up in a strange house with that girl from his childhood: Victoria. He doesn't know what is going on, because the last thing he remembers, that he is drinking a whisky with tablets. Victoria wakes up and says "Happy birthday, you are 21 years old now, can't believe that one year ago you wanted to commit a suicide for me" He was in shock, because he doesn't remembers, that one year from his life. It was may 8th 2002 and he committed a suicide may 8th 2001. He lives up to 70 years and he remembers only 9 days from his life. Doctors said that It's multiple personality disorder, but no it's worse.
This book touches my heart, I understand from this book, that you must not to do anything which is not right, because you can hurt people around you. You need not to judge people because of your mistakes and I understand that everything will be alright, you just need to wait. I have read reviews about this book and decided to read. I advice my friends to read it because after reading it, you will have serious thoughts and appreciate life.

Hometask for the 6th of March 
Writing tales or stories.

Summer holiday

When we were in Anapa, we decided to go to excursion and early in the morning, we went to Safari-Park and go to Gelenjik for a stroll. Also Gelenjik names “City of Dreams”. The guide,  told us about interesting places and she said us that there lived Greeks and they had one weird tradition, that girls and boys, can not see their parents until 18 years old. To boys they taught how to fight and defend . For girls they taught how to cook, how to clean, how to be a good wife, and after it she will be ready for  going back to her parents and make her own family. Then we traveled  among Gelenjik and the guide told us, that there were Anopheles and for remove them, they had  burnt forest. When we went to Safari-Park the guide, told us about animals who are living there, and she told us about gorilla, that rich people force him to work in casino and that gorilla smoked and drunk, but police closed that casino and they take gorilla to the Safari-Park. That was so hard for gorilla without smoking and drinking. One day,  a man with cigarette was near him and when gorilla saw that cigarette, he demanded that cigarette from that man and he gave it to gorilla and at that moment a woman who was looking after gorilla came . When gorilla noticed her it hided cigarette . After it the cage began burning.Since that day, it forbidden to go to Safari-Park with cigarettes. When we finally were in Safari-Park, we and other people went to buy food. I persuaded my mom for sit down on the aerial lift, because she afraid of heights and she never sat on the aerial lift. I was obsessed with wonderful view from the aerial lift. We saw where Greeks lived many centuries ago. Then we went to Gelenjik. With us also was a girl with blue eyes and with blue hair, she was very sad and I tired to make her happy. Also I found a statue of bride, people saying “if you will touch bouquet of bride, you will marry soon”. Then we went to Anapa. After two days my uncle took us to Supko for celebrate my mom’s birthday. It was so wonderful place and amazing nature. The next day I asked to my uncle, to drive to Gelenjik. After 3 hours we were in Gelenjik and he ordered a boat for spare great time. After two days, we met one boy who had two peacocks, one was white and another peacock was colorful, and I took so many photos with them. Then we met another boy with monkeys and big parrots, I also took photos with them. Then we went to Krasnodar.I liked Krasnodar, because there are many museums, cinemas and theaters. When we were going to airplane, I decided to go to “Starbucks”. After cup of coffee and piece of cake, we go back to Yerevan.

4. I didn’t laugh at his joke. 
Why? Had you heard it before? 

Were you surprised by the ending of the?
No, I’d read the book, so I already knew the story.

I went to the airport, but I couldn’t get on the plane.
Why? Had you left your passport at home?

I was homesick the whole time I was living in France.
That’s really sad! Had you never lived abroad before?

The hotel where we stayed on holiday was awful!
That’s a pity. Hadn’t you stayed there before? 

I met my girlfriend’s parents for the first time last Sunday. 
Really? I thought you’d met them before. 

My grandfather had two sons from his first marriage.
Really? I didn’t know he’d been married before.

B. Turn all the lights off when you leave the room. We don’t want to waste electricity!
In my opinion, modern technology has improved all out lives.
Could you disconnect you laptop in the internet when you’ve finished checking you e-mail? 
We thought the experiment would work. But in the end it didn’t.
At last, someone has built a battery-powered skateboard!
How many different types of building can you think of?
That program is about to start, so I’ll turn on the TV.
Ice floats in water. Can you think of a season about that? 

C. The long of the train is exactly 100 meters.
I think astronomy is absolutely fascinating!
Lee and Greg are twins, but they don’t dress Identically.
I’ve come to the concluding that no one should have a car.
Why do all sciences have untidy hair? 
Pour the boiling water over the tea bag and leave for a few minutes.
Make sure your measuring are accurate.
My brother is studying chemistry at university.

D. Did someone help Alison or did she do all the calculations herself ?
That’s not your calculator. It’s mine.
Einstein is the person who showed that time can speed up and slow down. 
Did you know whose idea it was? Was it Greg’s or Fiona’s? 
This is the laboratory where we do all the experiments. 
Novosibirsk, which is a big city in Siberia, is famous for it’s university. 
That’s the girl whose father says he’s invented a time machine!
Is that our DVD or is it theirs?

E. Modern technology is changing and improving all the time. Every month, scientists Invent new gadgets and effects to help us with our daily lives, and discover ways to make existing technology faster and better. Our homes are full of hardware (such as DVD players and computers) and gadgets (such as computer games and MP3s). Experiment suggests, however, that it’s young people who are best able to deal with this change. Whereas teenagers have no problem Inventing a DVD player, their mums and dads and grandparents often find using new technology automatic and difficult. But if you’re a teenager who criticizes your parents for their research of technological awareness, don’t be too hard on them! Some time in the future, when you’ve got children of your own, your ability to deal with new technology will probably decrease and your children will feel more comfortable with new technology then you do. You won’t want them to criticize you, will you? 


The scientific and technological progress of the century has allowed people to overcome time and distance. Generally people travel o business or for pleasure. We can travel by sea, by air, by train, of course we can travel by car or on foot too. Millions people all over the world spend their holidays traveling. They travel to see other countries and continents, modern cities and ancient towns, it is always interesting to discover the new things. All means of travel have their advantages and disadvantages. If you want to get somewhere as quick by as possible, the best way is to travel by plane. Traveling by train or coach is usually not so quick expensive, but it gives an opportunity to do a lot of sightseeing. They are of course other ways of traveling. If you like adventures, you may ride a bicycle. If we are fond of traveling, we see and learn a lot of things, that we can't never see or learn at home. The best way to study geography is to travel and the best way to get to know and understand people is to meet them in their own homes. Whatever way of traveling you choose, it's always pleasure to see new places and meet
new people.

My hobby

Hobbies differ like tastes, if you have chosen a hobby according to your character and taste you are lucky because your life becomes more interesting. Hobbies are divided into four large classes: doing things, making things, collecting things and learning things. The most popular of all hobby groups is doing things. It includes a wide variety of activities, everything from gardening to traveling and from chess to volleyball. Making things includes drawing, painting, making a sculpture. Collecting stamps is my hobby, my parent started collecting stamps long ago and then past their collection to me. Now I continue collecting stamps myself. Learning things is the most exciting aspect of my hobby. Each stamp has its own story to tell. I can see pictures of distant countries and their people. I learn their history, culture and tradition. The greatest part of my collection is about famous artists and their masterpieces. This part of my collection looks like art gallery. My relatives very often send new stamps to me together with
their letters and postcards. Sometimes I buy new stamps. I also have many pen friends in Yerevan and abroad. Besides collecting stamps I liked to collect photos of famous people, singers, actors, footballers and so on. No matter what kind of hobby a person has, he always has the opportunity of learning from it by reading about the things he learn much about different things he is adding to what he knows.

My favorite season

The year is split into four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Every season of the year is beautiful in its own way. But for me spring is the best one. I like spring because it is the time of hope and happiness. Spring is one of the most beautiful and optimistic seasons of the year. Trees are bursting in leaf flowers are breaking into blossom. In spring the days become longer and the nights become shorter. The air is fresh, the sky is blue and the sun is shining: The nightingale begins to sing its lovely songs and sweet melodies may be heard from every wood and park. The days become warmer and everything is full of life and joy. Spring is a busy seasons for gardeners. I think that the best place in spring to have a good rest is our Yerevan botanical Garden. Many citizens like to spend their spring weekends in its beautiful paths. They take their children with them and rest there the whole day. Spring is followed by summer. The weather is usually fine in summer, but it can be very hot, especially in July. Summer is a time of holidays. People go to fishing and boating. Summer is over and it is followed by autumn. In September the weather is fine. October and November are rainy. There are a lot of mushrooms in the woods and warmer countries. Winter is the coldest season of all. In winter the sun sets early and rises late. The rivers and lakes are frozen ever. Winter is the time for skiing, skating and hockey-playing. On a fine winter day snow is falling in large flakes, covering the ground. The streets and parks are all in white. It's very nice to be in the open air. As for me, I like all the seasons, but I think there is nothing like late spring.

English weather

The position of Great British gives it a temperate climate. Britain lies in the eastern part of the Atlantic Ocean. It is surrounded by the sea, which makes the climate warmer in winter and colder in summer. The climate isn't the same in all parts in English. The Western part of English is warmer than the eastern one. Britain is well known as a foggy country. The temperature in London is about 8 degrees. The English people always say something about the weather when they begin a conversation with strangers. The weather in Britain changes very quickly. The English always says "other countries have a climate, in England we have a weather" When two Englishman meet, they can't think of anything else to talk about the weather. As the weather changes, so often, it is of course quite important. It plays a big part in the lives of the British people. Every daily newspaper publishes a weather forecast: radio and the television broadcast news about the weather several times each day. 

1. Put on something warm. It’s cold today. 
There’s some Ice-cream in the freezer. Can you get it out? 
Why are your cloths on the floor? Please pick them up. 
I’m going to take the dog out for a walk. 
When are you going back to your country? 

3. “Where is my tea?” Sorry. I threw away. It was cold. 
You shouldn’t smoke in here. Put out a cigarette. 
We don’t need all these lights on. Turn off. 
Leave little Annie with me. I’ll look after a baby. 
I haven’t got time to fill in this form. I’ll fill in a form later. 

4. How do you go out with your parents? 
Do you ever look forward to your brothers and sisters? 
What are you get on with doing on holidays? 
Are you fall out with anyone at the moment? 
Where did you grow up? Or have you always lived here? 

1. A. Excuse me! Can I get past? 
B. Pardon? 
A. Can I get past, please. 
B. I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you. Yes of course. 
A. Thanks a lot. 

2. A. I hear you’re going to get married soon. Congratulations! 
B. That’s right, next July. July 21. Can you come to the wedding? 
A. Oh what a pity! That’s when we’re away on holiday. 
C. Never mind. We’ll send you some wedding cake. 
A. That’s very kind. 

3. A. Oh, dear! Look at the time! Harry up, or we’ll miss the train. 
B. Just a minute! I can’t find my umbrella. Do you know where it is? 
A. I have’t a clue, but you won’t need it. It’s a lovely day. Just look at the sky! 
B. Oh, all right. Let’s go, then. 

4. A. Good luck in your exam! 
B. Same to you. I hope we both pass. 
A. Did you go out last night? 
B. No of course not. I went to bed early. What about you? 
A. Me, too. See you later after the exam. Let’s go for a drink. 
B. Good idea.


Passive Voice 

  1. We saw a ship in the distance. 
     The ship was seen in the distance. 

2. We got several letters and telegrams this morning. 
Several letters and telegrams were got this morning.

3. He is translating the text now.
The text is being translated now.

4. Was he reading a book when you came in?
Was the book being read when you came in?

5. They have never discovered his secret. 
His secret has never been discovered.

6. Yesterday I bought a new tie.
Yesterday the new tie was bought.

7. The doctor will take the child to hospital.
The child will be token to hospital by the doctor.

8. I think, they will take care of the boy.
I think, the boy will be taken care of.

9. They promised the workers higher wages. 
The workers were promised higher wages.

10. What did you do to save his life ?
What were you done to save his life?

11. My wife has answered all her letters.
All her letters has been answered by my wife.

12. I shall not take the book from the library.
The book shall not be taken from the library.

13. Has he finished the work yet?
Has the work been finished  yet?

14. They have finished the new task.
The new task have been finished.

15. A stranger showed us the way to the station. 
The way to the station was shown to us.

16. She hasn’t made this mistake before.
This mistake hasn’t been made before.

17. His friend has translated two English books into Russian.
Two English books have been translated into Russian.

18. Have they sent us any telegrams lately?
Have any telegrams been sent us lately? 

19. She said that they would warn her about it.
She said that she would be warned about it.

20. Are you still interviewing this student?
Is this student still being interviewed 

21. They have demonstrated this film many times.
This film has been demonstrated many times.

  1. Active                                                                         Passive 
They grow rice in China.                                           Rise is grown in China.
Bell invented the telephone in 1876.                       The telephone was invented by Bell in 1876.
They have built three new factories this year.       Three new factories built this year.
They have sold the picture for £3,000.                  The picture has been sold for £3,000.
The factory will produce 10,000 cars next year.    10,000 cars will be produced next year.
Did they make many cars last year?                        Where many cars made last year? 
Bell didn’t invent the television.                              The television wasn’t invented by Bell.

4. I'll have a bath before i go to bed. 
I'm coming to London tomorrow. I'll ring you when i arrive. 
if it's a nice day tomorrow, we can go swimming . 
wait here until i get back. 
if you have any problems, just ask for help. 
i want to get home when it gets dark. 
I'm going to have driving lessons before i pass my test. 
give me your address before you go home. 

5. Paul: Bye, darling. Have a good trip to New York. 
Mary: Thanks. I'll ring you as soon as i arrive at the hotel. 
Paul: Fine. Remember I will go out with Henry tonight. 
Mary: Well, if you will be out as soon as I ring , I will leave a messages on the answerphone so you'll know i've arrived safely. 
Paul: Great. What time do you expect you'll be there? As soon as the plane arrives on time, i will be at the hotel about 10.00. 
Paul: All right. Give me a ring when you know the time of your fight back, and i will pick you up at the airport. 
Mary: Thanks, darling. Don't forget to water the plants while i am away. 
Paul: Don't worry. I won't. Bye!

Abroad famous couple

Rappers Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill went public with their relationship when he was released from jail in December 2014, thought the couple told GQ they fell for each other while he was behind bars. On April 7, 2016. Minaj appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and said she called herself single because "people hear that [I'm in a relationship] and go to the mean place." She also debunked engagement rumors, saying the ring is "from this boy that likes me."

Armenian famous couple

Hrachya is an actor and Syuzan is a singer. They know how to keep their family in harmony. According to Hrachya Harutyunyan, mutual care and respect is very important to any couple. They do not share their family stories very often, but once they confessed something interesting about their union. When they were very young they just look and flew to Sochi without informing their parents. They didn't even call them after arriving in Sochi. Only the next day Suzan and Hrachya called home. So, this daring duo is also quite famous for the contribution to Armenia cinematography and theatre and providing quality music as well. Both of them are the Honored Artists of the Republic of Armenia.

My advice

1. I Would advice her to marry again, don’t think about career so much and try to bring back her children home. again

2. I Don’t imagine my life without phone and I advise him to be a modern and not to care everything and he needs to understand that the phones are the most important things in our life nowdays

3. I advise him to give up drugs, to start to live like a normal human, not to do criminal things and find a girlfriend for teaching him a right way in his life.

B. This year, more than a million tourists will visit our local area.
I'm sure we will find your bag soon. Where did you last see it?
Will you land me some money until Saturday?
Everything on the menu looks delicious! Erm... I will take Chicken Kiev, please.
One day, people will live on Mars in special buildings.
No, there is not any problems with delivering your new furniture next week.
Shall we come at six to help you get things ready for dinner?

C. When i grew up, I'm going to play guitar in a rock group!
Rick and Mark are going to start going to the gym twice a week.
Is Lauren going to tell her mum about what happened?
I'm going to look on the internet for information about snowboarding.
No Nadine is going to invite everyone from class - just her close friends.
Is harry going to be ready on the or not?
Careful! You are not going to break something with that ball! Go outside!
I'm going to lie down for half an hour. Call me at six o'clock.

D. I'm so excited about my holiday! My plane arrives the airport here at nine o'clock and we will leave Paris two hours later. We then will take the train from the airport to the city. We'll have a great week, and then we ll come back on the 17th. I can't wait!

E. Oscar says he will do the washing-up after dinner.
I'm a bit scared because I'm seeing the dentist this afternoon.
What are you going to do this evening?
Will you tell Rupert I'm sorry about yesterday?
My dad is going to grow a beard, but my mum doesn't like the idea.
I have to revise tonight because we will have an exam tomorrow.
I will remember this day for the rest of my life!
Are you going to Australia next Christmas?
I'm sure you will pass your driving test. Don't worry.
If you want me to,I'm going to complain to the manager about it.

                                                        My blog 

My name is Diana Mindeli. I have been creating blogs and websites since 2014. At that time I have launched several of my own blogs and helped hundreds of others do the same. I know that starting a blog can seem overwhelming and intimidating. My free guide was designed just for beginners and requires only basic computer skills. So whether you are 8 or 50, you can have your blog ready to function in less than 20 minutes.  
  In short, a blog is a type of website that focuses mainly on written content, also known as blog posts. In popular culture, we most often hear about news blogs or celebrity blog sites, but as you will see in this guide, you can start a successful blog on just about any topic imaginable.
  Bloggers often write from a personal perspective that allows them to connect directly with their readers. In addition, most blogs also have a "comments" section where readers can correspond with a blogger. Interacting with your readers in the comments section helps further connection between the blogger and the reader. This direct connection with the reader is one of the main benefits of starting a blog. This connection allows you to interact and share ideas with other like-minded people.It also allows you to build trust with your readers. Having the trust and loyalty of your readers also opens up the door to making money from your blog, which is something I discuss later in this guide. 
  I have a lot of pages on my blog, there are many subjects such as Mathematics, History, Physics, Biology, English, Russian, Algebra and other subjects. Every day I do my homework which teachers posts on their blogs.  Most of all I work on English slide. A lot of people all over the world visit my blog for seeing it and for writing comments.  

3. "My bag is so heavy." 
Give it to me i'll carry it for you.
I bought some warm boots because I'll go to skiing. 
"Tony's back from holiday."
is he? i'm going to give him a ring. 
"what are you doing tonight?"
we're going to see a play at the theatre. 
you can tell your secret, I won't tell anyone.
congratulations! I hear you are going to get married. 
i'm going shopping soon. I'll post it for you. 

now holidays. where will you go this year? we don't know yet. 

1. My English improved a lot after I lived in London for a month.
I have two ambition in life. i want to be a rich, and i want to be famous.
I'm going to work hard from now on. 'That's a very good decision
There are many differences between my two children. They aren't similar at all. 
Thank you for your advice. It was very useful.
I like Italian people. They're very kind and friendly.
The United Nations in an international organization.
I asked the teacher for help, but unfortunately, I didn't understand his explanation. 
Motor racing is a very dangerous sport. 
Fish soup is a speciality of this area. You most try it. 
I'm having a party on Saturday, and I'd like to invite you. 
This is the industrial part of my town. There are lots of factories and businesses. 

2. Don't go into my bedroom. It's really untidy
I can't do maths. For me, inpossible subject.
I dislike fish. I just prefer meat. 
It's very impolite to ask someone how much they earn. 
When we arrived at the hotel, we unpacked our suitcases. 
I was unemployed for two years.Then i got a job in an office. 
"I think learning language is stupid" 
"I disagree, I think it's a good idea." 
The thief stole my bag, ran into the crowd and disappeared, I never saw him again.
Cannabis is an illegal drug in many countries. 
You gave her more money than me! That's unfair.

"Make  up sentences using Past Tense/10
Make  up  questions  using Past Tense/10"

Yesterday i bought a new tie for my uncle. 
last year i and my mother were in Paris.
When the teacher came in, all children stood up.   
I went to bed very late yesterday.
five years ago I played the piano very well. 
She forgot to send a letter to her friend. 
Last year my friend broke her leg because of car accident. 
Yesterday i went home and saw that my sister ate my sandwich. 
one year ago I saw a kitten and brought her to my home. 

Did you do your homework yesterday?
Did you meat Tom in Moscow?
Did Ann write dictation yesterday? 
Did her son asked to take part in our meeting? 
Was it very cold in January?
Was the weather nice yesterday?
Did she clean her room?
Did the doctor exam you last month?
Did she buy an interesting book for you? 
Did she fly to New York yesterday?
1.  Hands up, I've got a burger!

Last Tuesday a man armed with just a hot hamburger in a bag stole $1.000 from a bank in Danville, California. Police Detective Bill McGinnis said that the robber entered the Mount Diablo National bank at about 1.30 p.m and gave the teller a note demanding $1.000. He claimed that he had a bomb in that bag. The teller said she could smell a distinct odour of hamburger coming from the bag. Even so, she handed the money to the man. He dropped the bag with the hamburger. He escaped in a car. 

Teenage party ends in tears 

When Jack and Kelly Harman went away on holiday, they left their teenage daughter alone in the house. Zoe, aged 16, wanted to stay at home. Her parents said she could have some friends to stay. However, Zoe decided to have a party. Things started to go wrong. Forty uninvited guests arrived. They broke furniture, smashed windows, and stole jewelry. 
  When Mr and Mrs Harman heard the news, they came home immediately.

"Write a story. This is the beginning"

It was three o’clock in the morning when the telephone rang, and it was my friend Tatev. She reminded me that we had to go to the shopping in Dalma Garden Mall, we must buy some gifts for her mother's birthday. We were there after an hour and bought a some gifts for her. Then we bought a birthday cake and took a taxi. After five minutes our taxi crashed and we were all in cake. We were very sad, and it was the worst birthday party in my life. 

B.  Do you dream of beat the winning goal in a football match, or challenge a top tennis player?  Sport interest most young people, and it's a great way to stay healthy and fun at the same time. That's why the local council has decided to help young people who want to organizes their own sports club. We know it's a big score and that's why we'll give you the money you need to get started. We'll help you find a place to trains and give you money to find good players in your area. Contact the Town Hail for details. 

C. I really like playing video games like Monopoly and Cluedo. 
Roy was the best player, se he wasn't surprised when he became caption of the team. 
Lots of people get pleasure from just watching sport from their armchairs. 
I thought the music at the concert we went to last night was great. 
Everyone in my family supports the same team
I find classical music really boring, and i prefer pop.

What communication I prefer

To begin with I'd like to point out that means of communication have changed greatly. When we think of if we cannot understand how people who lived 50 years ago were able to keep in touch. As for me, I prefer to communicate in social networks such as Vkontacte, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They share the news, pictures, funny videos, jokes, songs and so on.

Nowadays we cannot imagine human contact without modern technology devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, iPods, iPads, tablets, laptop, iWatch and so on. Thanks to the new technologies people communicate more than ever before. Modern means of communication have made the distance between people unimportant. Unlike 20 years ago we usually call someone, not visit. Mobile phones are portable and enable  us  to contact others wherever they and we are. Furthermore, mobile phones offer the possibility of texting. Text messaging is the most convenient and the cheapest form of communication when we need to pass a quick note containing only a few words.

I like the internet. It is very helpful for those who have a hobby. You can communicate with those who share the same passion from all over the world. You can learn the news and discuss your favorite pop star, or a movie actor, a TV show, sports competitions and so on. On forums, people share their experiences and help each other to solve the problems they have run into.

About me

  1. My name is Diana Mindeli. i was born on the 28st of September in Moscow, now I’m living in Yerevan.
  2. I study English since 9 years old
  3. I’m not good at cooking
  4. When i was 8 years old i decided to be a doctor, but now i want to be a business lady
  5. I want to go to NYC in the future
  6. Yesterday i went to gym with my mom
  7. Tomorrow i will go to watch movie in Cinema Star
  8. I saw a horror dream about clowns
  9. I was 6 years old, in that period we were in Moscow, in the garden was a lake with ducks. One day i heard that one rat was eating ducks from lake and the next day i decided to save them from the rat.
  10. Two years ago the truck wanted to smash me and my mom,  and we quickly pressed gas
  11. I’m living in an apartment
  12. I lived in Moscow 7 years
  13. I met all cast of “full house” show
  14. I like to spend my time reading books
  15. My hobbies are photographing and makeup
  16. My mottos are: “Don’t let a dark past, ruin a bright future” “Don’t judge someone just because they sin differently than you”
  17. I like people who can appreciate what you did for them, also wise and serious people.
  18. I speak in English, in Russian and in Armenian
  19. i can take a professional photos very well
  20. My goal is to be an independent person
  21. I’m a night person
  22. I feel best in the evening
  23. I want to learn English, because in the future i want to have a stable work and help my family
  24. No. i don’t want to be a famous

B.     Gordon? i think he is writing a letter at the moment. 
Yes, the match is on TV now, but we are losing.
Right now, Margaret is having a shower. Do you want to ring later?
Sally is staying with her aunt for a few days.
i’m not lying! it’s true! I did see Madonna at the supermarket.
Josh always uses my bike! it’s so annoying.
We are having lunch, but i can come round and help you later.
Are you playing music up there? it’s really noisy!

C.    Do top musicians study for many years?
what’s going on? I hope my things would be touched
It’s a small business, so each person does lots of different jobs.
Is Christian listening to the radio, or is that the TV i can here?
I usually buy a special ticket each week for the bus because it’s cheaper.
Our washing machine is starts when you press this button.
How’s the match going? is our team winning?
Many people enjoy spending time on the beach on holiday.

D.   I work at the local library for the summer.
we don’t go to the theatre very often. 
Stacy is getting ready for school, so she can’t come to the phone. 
Does Gary ever talk about his expedition to the Amazon jungle?
in squash you hit a ball against a wall.
I read a newspaper at least once a week.
do you practise the piano for two hours every day? 
Nadine and Claire are doing quite well at school at the moment.
A good friend knows when you’re upset about something.
how do you spell your name?

E.    In Monopoly you move around the board, buying houses and hotels.
Are you watching this programme or i can turn the TV off?
Regular exercise helps you to stay healthy 
I use my brother’s guitar until i get a new one.
Does Simon always do the washing up lunch?
Do you have any sweaters in a large size?
You hold the kite right. Let me show you.
Dad belongs to the local astronomy club.

F.    One game I love backgammon. You throw the dice and then you move your pieces around the board. it seems quite easy, but in fact you need to be quite careful. When your piece lands on one of the other person’s pieces, you take it off the board and you send it back to the beginning. You win by getting all your pieces to the end and off the board. Some people prefer chess, but i don’t understand the game. Right now, i wait to have a game with my brother. He is doing his homework. I usually win, so i think he doesn’t want to play a game with me!

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